The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) hereby informs the general public that its Executive Committee has resolved to recommend to Malawi Government that the employment contracts of the Head Coach, Mr. Ernest Mtawali and his Assistant, Mr. Nsanzurwimo Ramadahan should not be renewed upon expiry on 31st July 2016.
This decision has been made as a result of poor performance of the Malawi National Football Team over the past year.
In the interim, FAM will engage the services of Mr. Nsanzurwimo Ramadahan as a Caretaker Coach from 10th August 2016 for a period of one month to take charge of the Malawi National Football Team in the last match of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers against Swaziland. The said match is scheduled to be played in Blantyre on 3rd September 2016.
FAM would like to thank the two coaches for the services they rendered to the nation in the past one year and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.
For more information contact the undersigned via the following emails: or


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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Marka

    The truth is these guys have let us down big time.
    Let them try poultry, or capitalize on the potential Soya Bean has on the international market.
    Nde poti Chamba ayambanso kuloleza, they have many options

  2. Innocent Kadammanja

    In the first place why did you pick Ernest as Head Coach? This guy has never coached any team in Malawi. Was it another way of bailing him out of poverty? The problem with ntchito zongopatsana ndi choncho. It was a waste of time employing this drunkard to be the coach for senior flames.

  3. Jimmy

    That’s a bitter resolution made by the equally bunch of failures who run football in Malawi.
    I would love if the FAM President an his entire office bearers have resigned so as to give room for new and capable Malawians to deliver.
    I shall never blame the coach nor the players but FAM on all this mess.

  4. zuluwaga

    don’t throw them away still keep them in football

  5. Alex Siyasiya

    The problem ladies and Gentlement are not the coaches. Malawi for a long time has never had a good nursery to pick players. If you look at the successful squads of the 1978/1979 and the one from 1987 to 1992 you will note that many players were even secondary school players. That tells you there was a nursery. We had Mayors trophy and Limbe leaf trophies in secondary schools, then we had the national cocacola trophy for secondary schools and not forgetting the MBS trophy where we could watch teams like Central High, Bwaila Secondary School and Phwezi Sec School just to mention a few. Try to Bring in Josse Morhinho and see if it will help.It wont!!! If you dont have developmental sides you will achieve nothing. Follow the footsteps of Angola then we will make it

  6. Achimenengule

    How come it is only the coaches who are at fault always. Walter and your team, please resign honourably. Suzgo, are you sure you have what it takes?

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