The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) wishes to inform the general public of the coming into force of the FAM Regulations on Working with Intermediaries on 28th June 2016.
The Regulations replace the old system of Player Agents and all existing licences have lost their validity with immediate effect. These Regulations (in line with the FIFA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries) are aimed at Affiliates (Associations) in relation to the engagement of the services of an Intermediary by players and clubs to conclude an employment contract between a player and a club, or conclude or transfer agreement between two clubs.
In the meantime, FAM is calling upon all interested individuals who would like to register to become Intermediaries (Lawyers are encouraged to apply) to contact FAM Offices – TMS department and complete the application process in the following manner:
→ Pay an application fee of MK550, 000.00 for the initial year with an annual Renewal fee of
MK350, 000.00
→ Fill an application form
→ Submit a Curriculum Vitae
→ Attach a Police Clearance Report as a test of Good Character and Reputation
FAM will then from August 2016, organise educational seminars for its entire members in all the three regions to enable all stakeholders familiarize themselves with the FIFA and FAM Regulations on Working with Intermediaries. Only those Intermediaries to be certified by FAM will be allowed to transact business on behalf of either Players or Clubs or even both in Malawi. Licenced Intermediaries will be expected to be depositing contracts they will sign with Players and Clubs both locally and internationally at FAM Secretariat. Introduction of new Regulations will bring an end to rogue agents.
For further information, contact FAM Facilities, TMS & Club Licensing Manager Mr. Casper Jangale via email: or .
For and on behalf of Football Association of Malawi


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