CAF Club Licensing Online Platform Workshop on tomorrow

The Football Association of Malawi ( FAM) in conjunction with Confederation of African Football ( CAF) will from Thursday conduct a two-day Club Licensing Online Platform (CLOP) workshop in Lilongwe.

CLOP is an electronic tool designed by CAF to oversee the licensing and Stadium inspection process for continental and domestic competitions.

Through the platform, FAM  will run a fully automated and electronic club licensing process for domestic completions as clubs will be submitting their club Licensing documents online  and not manual as it used to be.

FAM Licensing and Compliance Manager Casper Jangale said CLOP will help the association in smooth gathering and keeping of  licencing information as submitted by clubs .

“CLOP allows real time visualisation of documents submitted by clubs and  enables CAF as the mother body for continental football in Africa to monitor the Licensing procedure for domestic competitions for its Member Associations and also gather information clubs from now onwards.

“On top of that, the platform also enables stadium inspectors get reports and everything to do with Stadium visits so that everyone can appreciate the outcome of their visits.

“As FAM, we are delighted to have CLOP and we are so eager to start using it come 2024 season bearing in mind that the world has now gone digital”, said Jangale.

Jangale disclosed that FCB Nyasa Big Bullets are the pioneers of CLOP in Malawi as they undertook the process before being licensed to take part in the 2023-24 CAF Champions League.

The workshop will bring together two officials from each of the Super League clubs, members of the FAM First Instance Body (FIB), members of the FAM Appeals Body as well as FAM and Sulom Secretariat Staff.

CAF Instructors Emmanuel Dasoberi from Ghana and Hamza Sorouri from Morocco will facilitate the course.


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