Zuku TV donates branded drinking bottles to Sulom

Mpira TV Channel carrier Zuku TV has donated 2000 branded drinking bottles worth K6 million to the Super League of Malawi to be distributed to Super League clubs

Zuku TV Regional Sales Manager Edwin Banda said the TV has donated the bottles as a way of giving back to football because of the support they are getting since they incorporated the Mpira TV Channel on their platform.

“We are thankful for the opportunity to interact with Malawi football through our Zuku pay TV. The addition of Mpira Channel to our channel line up has excited our customers.

“Water bottles are an essential part of equipment during games and being part of the game now, Zuku TV saw it fit to make a token contribution towards the game.

“Every time the players will be using the bottles they will be reminded that they are live on TV and that they should give their best for their audience in Malawi and beyond.

“We would like to appeal to the teams to take part in connecting new subscribers from their supporters base so that they can follow their teams when they play away from home and in the end generate revenue for the teams,” he said.

In his remarks, Sulom General Secretary who is also Mpira TV Project Co-chairperson, Williams Banda commended Zuku TV for the initiative saying :

“This is a timely intervention considering that we are in a time of the Covid19 pandemic where players and everyone will need to take enough water and at the same time avoid sharing bottles to prevent the spread of the virus.

“Let me also express our gratitude to the TV channel because we have been able to commercialize the game and let people watch the games in the comfort of their homes amidst the pandemic,” he said.

The Mpira TV Project was launched in 2021 and people are able to watch local football matches through Mpira TV Channel 064 which is available on Zuku TV.


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