Mijiga,Yabwanya banned

The Football Association of Malawi’s Disciplinary Committee has imposed a year ban on Willy Yabwanya and Wilkins Mijiga from taking part in any football related activites for being found guilty of the offence of taking disputes concerning football to ordinary courts of law contrary to Article 68 of FIFA Statutes and Article 47 of FAM Statutes.
The two dragged FAM to court in December last year when they obtained a High Court injunction restraining the Association from proceeding with its elections.
Sulom Treasurer Tiya Somba Banda who was answering the same charge has been cleared of wrong doing as the committee found that he did not instruct his lawyer to take the matter to court.
The bans are effective 12th May 2016.
To read the full ruling click the link below

FAM V MIJIGA et al- Rulling


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