Mdebwe, Nkunika attend CAF and FIFA workshops

The Football Association of Malawi Women’s Football Manager Blandina Mdebwe was in Cairo, Egypt for a four-day CAF Women’s Football Capacity Building Workshop.

The workshop, which s run between 26th to 29th February 2024 aimed at empowering the Women’s football administrators in CAF Member Associations by equipping them with best administration practices and building a network of Women’s Football Managers in Africa.

“It was an absolute pleasure to attend and be a part of the growing community that values and wants to empower women football administrators in our day and age.  I learned various lessons from strategic planning and implementation, promotion of women’s football, Club licensing and safeguarding just to name a few.

“I intend on sharing all of the information that I learned through a report and the course material as well. It is my hope that, we will collectively contribute to the growth of women’s football in Malawi by implementing impactful changes on the ground” said Mdebwe

The workshop brought together 48 participants from 48 CAF Member Associations.

In a related development, FAM technical Officer for the Central Region who is also FIFA Football for Schools Project coordinator McWilliams Nkunika, was in Doha, Qatar, for a FIFA Football for Schools Global M & E expert panel workshop from 25th to 28th February 2024.

The workshop, which involved the 13 FIFA Member Associations that were approved to implement the pilot phase of the FIFA Football for Schools Project, aimed at consolidating the achievements of the programme and assessing the progress made to set up a digital system of monitoring and evaluating the impact of the program.

Among other things, participants at the workshop in collaboration with FIFA’s implementation partners UNESCO and Generation Amazing identified the sections which will be included in the digital system for implementation by the FIFA Technology Department.



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