Strong governance structures key to transforming the game dream

FAM President Fleetwood Haiya says strong governance structures, accountability and transparency will be key to the realisation of the transforming the game agenda.

Haiya made the remarks at the end of a two-day FIFA induction for the FAM new executive committee held in Lilongwe.

He said: “ It has been an excellent induction and it was very important for us to be briefed on the expectations of FIFA. We have learnt a lot on governance issues especially on clear separation of powers for FAM stakeholders like President, Exco, standing committees ,member Associations and the secretariat.

“We have also learnt on FIFA funding on how best we can utilise our allocation for the good of Malawi football.

“We are confident that we are now going to build strong governance structures  which will ensure that we are transparent and accountable. If we want to realise the dream, we need to improve on how we transact business and we have learnt of the best practices which we must enforce.

“We also talked on how we can finalise our strategic plan. The transforming the game agenda now has to be formalised into an official blueprint for guidance and this session has come at the right time.”

FIFA Head of Development Programmes, Africa Solomon Mudege who led a five member FIFA delegation for the exercise hailed FAM exco for priotising a strategic plan.

“The session helped us to make the committee aware of  the available support from FIFA but also enable us to share our thoughts and advice on how the leadership of FAM should work together as well as work with the rest of the stakeholders for the good of Malawi football.

“It has been a very good two days with lots of engagement from the executive and we would like to thank the President, the members and secretariat for their presence.

“ We discussed on how they want to move forward and how they can structure the strategic plan. We have given our advice and input and will remain in contact as FAM engage its stakeholders, consult, finalise and implement their plan, “said Mudege.


The FIFA delegation also had Development Programme Coordinator Silmara Sousa, Member Association  Finance Services Coordinator Meryem Atouk Lead, Regional Office, Southern Africa David Fani and MA Development Manager, Regional Office, Southern Africa  Christine Gama .





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