Haiya urges secretariat staff to be united

The newly appointed FAM President Fleetwood Haiya has urged FAM secretariat staff to be united and dedicated in their work.

Haiya made the remarks when he met the staff at the Mpira Village on Monday morning

The President, who was accompanied by Executive member Daud Mtanthiko, said he wanted to familiarise himself with the members who de said are vital in driving his vision of transforming the game.

“We had a very fruitful familiarization meeting with the FAM Secretariat but we will also have a proper meeting with the whole Executive members very soon.

“Our main point of coming here is to make sure that there is no any gap between us and the secretariat as we both strive to transform the game. This is because there were many speculations out there but I am not here to scare anyone but rather work with them.

“We want business to continue here at the secretariat so we have committed our support to them and also that they should work as a team with no intimidations from anyone for us to achieve the vision. As any other office, there is an organogram at FAM and everyone knows how information should flow within the organization so we want the staff to respect one another in their daily endeavors.

“Since we have just been ushered into office, we also want to appreciate the assets that we have as an office so we have requested for a stock of the assets that we have so that we know where we are going forward,” said Haiya.

The FAM  boss also hailed the secretariat for managing a successful and peaceful elections last Saturday.

Haiya was elected as FAM President on Saturday after defeating former president Walter Nyamilandu Manda with 23 votes to 13.


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