GK trainers urged to end goalkeeping challenges

The Football Association of Malawi has urged goalkeeper trainers to be committed and help address goalkeeping challenges in the country.

FAM Executive Member and chairperson for the Technical Subcommittee Tiya Somba Banda said this on Tuesday when he officially opened a five-day Goalkeeper Trainers’ Course at Mpira Village in Blantyre.

Banda said the course has come at a right time when Malawi has challenges in goalkeeping .

“We did an evaluation of our game and we noticed that there are some gaps in both the technical, tactical and capacity more especially in goalkeeping. This is not only in the players but also their trainers and we requested FIFA to organize the course for the goalkeeper trainers to help build their capacity.

“This is also an opportunity to the Malawian goalkeeper trainers to professionally grow because according to FIFA, this is the last time that they are sending an instructor to such a course. These means some of these participants will be trainers of goalkeeper trainers.

“As an association, we expect the participants to grab this opportunity and get the best out of the facilitator for them to make improvements in how they train their goalkeepers when they go back,” said Banda.

FIFA Goalkeeper Trainers Expert Alejandro Alfredo Heredia, who is facilitating the course, emphasized on the need for the trainers to pay attention and be an integral part of Malawi football knowledge, experience and quality.

The course, which started on Monday and is expected to end on Friday, has brought together 30 participants including goalkeeper trainers from the Super League teams, national teams and some senior Super League and national team goalkeepers.

FAM last held a goalkeepers trainers course in 2016.


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