Getting to know Memory Austin FAM’s Women’s Football Development Officer

FAM’s newly appointed Women’s Football Development Officer Memory Austin is excited to take up the challenge when she reports for duties on Friday May 1, 2020.

This is the first time FAM has appointed an officer in that capacity.

Austin said her dream is to steer the professionalisation of Women’s Football in Malawi by working with the National Women’s Football Association in setting up standards and structures in the running of Women’s game.

“I want to thank FAM for trusting me with this position because it has been my dream all along to be a leader in developing Women’s football. I want to bring Women’s football to a greater level.

“I want to help Malawi Women’s football grow to be among the best in Africa and beyond. People should be talking about women’s football in Malawi. It should be so vibrant, exiting and fun,” she added.

Among others, Austin will be responsible for supporting the planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of key national women’s football events such as FIFA women’s football development programs and national training programs; Stimulating the profile of the women’s football in Malawi and inspire young girls to get involved in the game including promotion of all opportunities on the FAM’s website, facebook, twitter and press releases; Supporting Regional Women’s football Committees in the running of the leagues and Competitions by attending league meetings and matches.

Austin holds an Honors Degree in Physiotherapy from the Collage of Medicine and has played football at top level.

She was until her appointment, playing as an attacking midfielder for Southern Region Elite Women’s Football League side Ntopwa Super Queens. At the same time, she was working as a physiotherapy consultant at Mwaiwathu Private Hospital.

The 30 year old also captained the College of Medicine Women’s Football team and served as Technical Director and player for Ndirande-based Kings Women’s team.

She also served as Team Manager for Bangwe U-20 Women’s team.

Currently she is undergoing a Women in Sports Leadership Course with the Malawi National Council of sports.

“I started playing football when I was eight. I grew up spending most of my times with my brother and I was always there watching him play football with his friends. Sometimes when they were not enough, they could ask me to join and balance up the numbers. I was 8 years old then and that is the time when I started playing football.

“We never had Women’s football teams in primary and secondary but because I loved the game, I joined the boys’ training sessions. I only started playing in a Women’s team at the College of Medicine,” she said.


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