Sulom puts players on Medical Scheme cover

Nomads players among those on Medical cover

Super League of Malawi has signed a contract with Medical Aid Society of Malawi (MASM) for the medical cover insurance of all the players registered by  Super League clubs this season.
The medical cover is under the SULOM group scheme and it will cover up to a maximum of 30 individuals per team. This entails that a club can choose to cover players or the technical personnel as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum number of 30. The cover includes football related injuries sustained on the pitch amongst other ailments.
The cover will be per year/season and the premiums will be paid as such. Each team will be required to pay K54,000 (Fifty Four Thousand Kwacha) per month through SULOM.
30 MASM registration forms will be sent to the clubs and shall be deposited with SULOM before the kick-off of the season (17th April, 2015). All  registered players will be required to under- go a medical test at any nearest MASM clinic whereby a MASM clinician will certify and sign on the medical form.
The cover is mandatory to all the teams participating in the Super League.


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