Nsanje Stadium Project Update

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) in conjunction with the Nsanje District Council ( NDC) is pleased to announce that it has identified a contractor for the rehabilitation of Nsanje Community Stadium.
This follows the successful bids evaluation of the project whose results were presented to the FAM/NDC joint technical Committee at the Mpira Village in Blantyre on Tuesday 1 August 2023.
The next step of the project entails contract negotiations with the identified contractor to ensure that the bid valuation is within the cost estimates.
This crucial phase of the project has been scheduled to take place on Tuesday 15th August 2023 in Blantyre where FAM and the office the Nsanje District Assembly will be in attendance. This will be followed by contract signing, site handover and official ground breakdown ceremony at the end of this month.
FAM secured funding of USD500,000 from FIFA Foundation for the rehabilitation of the Nsanje Community Stadium as a response to the effects of Cyclone Idai in 2019.
Among the main features of the project are the construction of a new modern football pitch from scratch and installation of solar power with an inbuilt irrigation system. In addition, the pitch will be secured with a wire perimeter fence as well as construction of a VIP box and dressing rooms for the football teams.
A further update will be issued to keep members informed as events unfold.


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