Media Release: Update on Flames New Kit

The Football Association of Malawi would like to inform the general public that following the unveiling of the Flames new kit at the State House in Lilongwe on 29th October 2021, production of kits and replicas was commissioned in China and Vietnam.

Although we experienced production delays in both sites, shipment was embarked upon early December with the view to having the new kit on the market by end December.

“However, we are facing considerable delays with delivery of the consignments due to a backlog of shipments overseas arising from COVID-19 complications. This is being experienced after special efforts were made to fast-track shipment of the consignments through courier services.

“We are closely monitoring the situation and constantly engaging with service providers to expedite the shipments so that the consignments arrive by the time we play our first match of the Total Energies Africa Cup of Nations 2022.

“We sincerely apologise for not providing the new kit and its replicas in good time and regret any inconvenience that may cause to the football loving Malawians.

FAM Communications


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