Kazisonga strikes gold in Austria

Malawi women captain Kadzisonga wearing jeresey number 4 to play in Austria

Chisomo Kazisonga has become the second Malawian female football export overseas after Tabitha Chawinga.
The women national football team star has signed a one-year contract with Austrian Women Bundesliga champions SV Nosv Naulengbach.
Kazisonga could not hide her excitement in an interview from Vienna this week.
“I thank God for all this. He is the one who has made it happen for me,” said Kazisonga.
The Austrian top league is set to kickoff in August and Kazisonga said she will work extra hard in order to impress further.
The former Lilongwe-based Skippers FC signed as a free agent.
National Women Football Committee (NWFC) chairperson Severia Chalira described the development as a huge boost for Malawi women football.
“It shows that we are making strides and not far from now, we should be able to compete with the best on the continent,” said Chalira.
Apart from Chawinga who is starring in the second-tier Swedish league, Malawi also has Loveness Nyakamera who plays in South Africa.


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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Gerhard Schrenk

    Dear Mam or Sir,
    with all that inernational playing stars of the female flames I hope to read in the upcomming years regularely about matches of the female flames (be it competition or friendlies) – especially after completion of the new stadion in Lilingwe – it need to be filled with interesting maches.
    Along with the improvement of that international players in some of the hardest competitions in Europe the chances of the female flames to pass qualification for the African Cup of Nations will rise too.
    I hope not to read further in the FIFA Ranking “** Inactive for more than 18 months and therefore not ranked” besides the proud Nation of the Republic of Malawi.
    I will do my best to provide you and Malawi citicens with information about Chisomo Kazisongas progress in Ausria.
    best regards
    Gerhard Schrenk

    1. FAM

      Thank you and looking forward to get all updates about her progress that side

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