Haiya commits his MK42.5m CAF FA Presidents allocation towards football development

Newly-elected Football Association of Malawi president, Fleetwood Haiya has committed towards football development the US$25,000 (over MK42 million), which is allocated annually by Confederation of African Football (CAF) to him as  Member Association president.

He made the pledge today when he made his first address to the nation through a press briefing at Mpira Village in Limbe, saying this was a fulfillment of his commitment to be a servant of the game which he made in his election campaign manifesto.

“Elections are gone — it is now time to set all systems rolling in our agenda to transforming football in Malawi,” he said. “You may recall that throughout the campaign period, I made a commitment to be a servant of the game.

“I further committed to be transparent and accountable in discharging my duties.”

He went on to announce that on December 21 he attended the FIFA Summit held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where he had an opportunity to reach our to FIFA leadership and key stakeholders in the world of football.

At a special meeting with the FIFA president, Gianni Infantino and CAF president, Patrice Motsepe, Haiya said he shared with them his executive committee’s vision to transform Malawi football.

“The FIFA and CAF presidents are very excited with our goals and ambitions and have pledge their support towards the development of Malawi football.

“I have been assured of FIFA’s continued support to Malawi football under the FIFA Forward 3.0 Program [which] rolled out on 1st January 2023 and will run up to 31st December 2026.”

He thus announced that from the program, FAM will receive a total of US$8 million to be distributed as US$5 million for operational running costs for the 4 year period — at US$1.25 million per year.

The remaining US$3 million is planned for specific projects which are set out in line with a signed Contract of Agreed Objectives that FIFA approves — which include:
* Infrastructure improvements and development, competitions, capacity building initiatives for football stakeholders;
* National team support for participation and improved performance; and
* Provision of subvention to support football development within Member Associations like the league and regional associations as well as clubs.

He further announced that FAM is also entitled to US$250,000 per annum up to December 31, 2026 for covering national teams’ international travelling costs and additionally, entitled to receive US$200,000 for the whole four years for football equipment.

The support from CAF includes the annual subvention of US$250,000 which is designated for 50% (US$125,000) towards football development and other initiatives; 10% (US$25,000) allocation to Member Association president and 40% (US$100,000) for capacity building & administration.

Thus, Haiya announced that the US$25,000 per annum allocated to his as a president will be channeled towards football development programs and projects that are ongoing — such as the Luwinga Technical Centre and Nsanje Stadium whose funds are approved and will be accessed for their completion.

“These will continue and my leadership with ensure speedy completion,” he said. “I have also confirmed with FIFA that the US$169,580 that we applied for national teams support has been approved and will be paid to FAM soon.

“This is a huge relief considering the enormous budgetary requirements involved in national team engagements. Additionally, Super League and Regional Leagues project support valued at US$550,900 — that is expected to be used for the next three years — has been approved.

“This will ensure that our promise to subvent and cushion the elite and regional football organization is on course as we begin the 2024 season.”

In his conclusion, Haiya reiterated his commitment towards transforming Malawi football, saying his leadership “will work tirelessly to ensure that we serve the best interests of Malawi football within the confines of applicable laws and acceptable standards.

“The year 2023 has been an amazing football season — I promise more fireworks in 2024 and beyond.”


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