FIFA president Gianni Infantino took advantage of his visit and condoled the family of Vice-President Saulos Chilima who died in a plane crash along nine others Monday.
Infantino, who arrived in the country on Tuesday evening, proceeded to meet President Chakwera and Minister of Youth and Sports and Uchizi Mkwandawire.
In an interview with FAM media Infantino said he wanted to show solidarity with the people of Malawi in time of grief.
He said: “We came to Malawi of course under difficult circumstances to express our sympathy to condole the Malawian people, to the President of the Republic for the tragic accident that caused the loss of the life of the Vice-President.
“We wanted to express the condolences with our presence as FIFA and the entire football, world. To the people of Malawi in this tragic moment that we are here to be together, that we are here to remind us that we unite that we are one. It was important for me, for us to come here following the tragic accident that happened.”
Football Association of Malawi President Fleetwood Haiya, who accompanied Infantino said, the FIFA boss visit was proof that football unites people.
“Let me send my condolences to the families that have lost their loved ones in the tragic accident and indeed to the family of the vice president.
“We could have loved to have him come in a situation where there is joy. Unfortunately we are in grief and to us what we are saying is our gratitude to him for showing solidarity in sorrow.
“This shows that football unites. This shows that football is happening globally, from the leadership of this country starting with His Excellency the President Lazarus Chakwera, for allowing us to host FIFA president in Malawi and also for allowing some moments for the FIFA President to pay some homage to the President and also to the bereaved family.
“This is something that shows that football has brought hope to Malawians while they are mourning. This is what football is supposed to do. His coming, as much as we could have been happier, we are saying it has given us hope. His coming has comforted us,” said Haiya.


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