FAM transfers Clubs’ Mpira TV rights dues

The Football Association of Malawi has paid K21.5 million to Super League of Malawi as the last remittance from the Mpira TV broadcasting revenue to the League and Clubs .

In total FAM has paid K55.9 million to Sulom as the first chunk of K34.4 million was remitted in September last year.

Out of the total amount, the 16 Super League teams that participated in the 2022 season will share K49.5 million while Sulom will get K6.2 million. FAM also got K6.2 million as its 10-percente share from the K 62 million net revenue.

FAM General Secretary Alfred Gunda confirmed the development saying as it stands Mpira TV does not owe Sulom and Clubs any balances for the 2022 season.

“We are delighted that finally we have made the payment to the clubs. This is very timely as the funds will help the clubs prepare for the new season as almost all of them have started pre-season training.

“We made great strides in 2022 as Mpira TV made a gross revenue of MK123 million which represented 473% increase from the MK26 million realized in the year prior.

“The new revenue stream that has been realised show that there is tremendous potential from broadcasting of football matches on TV.

“This is an indication that our strategic intent of monetising the game of football are on track.

“Looking ahead in 2023 we will focus on consolidating the gains achieved. We will onboard Mpira TV on more profitable platforms, broadcast more live matches through additional dedicated OB vans covering South, Central and Northern regions and offer more inclusive and exciting programming,” said Gunda.

Sulom President Tiya Somba Banda confirmed the development and said the Clubs will get their dues immediately.

“Sulom has received all the funds from Mpira TV broadcasting rights and we are currently working on remitting the same to the clubs

“As the League we are excited with the progress we have made with TV rights in 2022 as it corresponds to our vision of Leading the Football Business- From Amateur League to Professional in terms of maximising club football revenue.

“The promise we made of revolutionising the media rights packaging resulted in the launch of the Mpira TV which has demonstrated that it has great potential to unlock the Football Tv market. We will build from there in 2023,” said Somba Banda

Kamuzu Barracks General Secretary Christopher Njeula said the news is a huge relief to the clubs as they are guaranteed of a starter pack ahead of the new season.

“We are excited that finally the funds are with our mother body and will get our packages soon.

“This is timely as we have just started pre-season and we require a lot of resources to put things in order ahead of the new season. We need to buy football equipment organises friendly matches, pay the players. So, these funds will really help us,” said Njeula.


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