FAM challenges Coach Educators to be active

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) President Walter Nyamilandu Manda has challenged Coach Educators in the country to be active in grooming coaches to help develop football in the country.

Nyamilandu said this on Monday morning when he presided over the opening ceremony of a five-day FIFA Coach Educators Course at Mpira Village in Blantyre.

He said Coach Educators must go in the field to impart knowledge to upcoming coaches who can in the end produce better players.

“Football is played in the whole country and much as we would like the game to grow, FAM alone cannot manage to go in all the areas to teach coaches on how best they can do their work hence the need for the Coach Educators.

“FIFA wants us to have people who will be able to impart knowledge in knowledge and they have funded us to conduct this course so that we sharpen these trainers of trainers.

“We have a lot of teams on this country who are being coached by unqualified coaches so we want to have capable people who can go beyond the cities to train these coaches. 

“As FAM, we expect these coaches to be committed and stay in the game so that they use information that is relevant,” said Nyamilandu.

Nyamilandu also emphasized the need for the Coach Educators to stay updated in the game by doing online Reserch.

“The game of football is changing every day and as a country, we want these educators to  groom coaches of international standards. We are not competing amongst ourselves but we are competing against rest of the World and for Malawi football to develop, we need to be able to dominate and that can only happen if we have high calibre coaches that can produce top talent to go and play even in Europe.

“These Coach Educators will be sharpened with latest information on modern football and with the changes in the game, there is more analysis in the games, players’ performance and those for the opponents  This requires the use of IT and we want them to be able to embrace technology and be able to use Microsoft packages and be able to analyse information for them to able to make informed decisions,” said Nyamilandu.

In the five days, the Coach Educators will learn their roles as Coach Educators and how they can train, organize and assess a competitive Coach.

FIFA Technical Consultant for Eastern and Southern Africa is facilitating Serame Letsoaka is facilitating the course.  


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