FAM buys vehicles for four MA’s

The Football Association of Malawi on Saturday handed utility  vehicles to four Member Associations namely Super League of Malawi (SULOM), Northern Region Football Association, Central Region Football Association and Southern Region Football Association.

FAM has purchased the brand-new vehicles to ease mobility challenges that were being faced by these affiliated bodies.

President Fleetwood Haiya said: “In our unflinching resolve to see the transformation of our football we take cognizance of the fact that regional FAs are key to the identification and management of talent from rural settings that will be passed on to the topflight league on their way up to our national teams.

“Thus, these vehicles will help them [the MAs] a lot in the operations such that we should see a quick realisation of our goals and objectives at the national level deriving from this investment. This is part of our agenda to professionalise our football.”

He stressed the vehicles  for the Regional Associations will be available for use for other member Associations within the respective regions.

Southern Region Football Association Chairperson Raphael Humba said: “ We would like to thank the FAM Leadership for this gesture. As a region we have never owned a car and up to now no Member Association has a car. This is the first time we are having cars and they will play a great  to help us reach the rural areas in spreading the gospel of transforming the game in Malawi.”





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