Coach Mario speaks on the first two days of Flames Pre- AFCON camp in Saudi Arabia

The Flames on Sunday morning started their 10-day Pre-AFCON training camp in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. So far 24 players have joined camp and the team has had three training sessions. FAM Media caught up with Marian Mario Marinica, the Flames Head of Technical Panel, to find out how the boys are coping up.

FAM Media: How has the training camp commenced?

Marian Mario Marinica: There was a little bit of a hiccup because we couldn’t get hold of all the players we wanted here. We had to come in slots. Some officials and some players in groups. However, the very good thing was that all the players we had in camp in Blantyre were fit and had no Covid-19 issues and that was extremely good. We had a call of 14 players whom we worked with in sessions for speed. Today all the other players joined us for training. They are all fit and good to go. We had a training session with them and welcomed them. It was very great and enjoyable.

FM: How have the boys performed in the three training sessions?

MMM: Very good reaction from the players. Obviously, something new, a new philosophy, a new approach that we are working on but they have done very well and I am very pleased with them.

FM: What is this new approach and philosophy that you would like to instill in the boys?

MMM: First and foremost , I would like as much as possible to implement the philosophy of playing fast and very fast, thinking fast, acting fast and moving fast, being well prepared and organised. I hope that will be carried through. This should be well organised when we have our friendly matches and also when we have official matches in AFCON.

FM: You have two new players in Henry Kumwenda and Zebron Kalima, how have they fared so far?

MMM: Kumwenda has had two training sessions, obviously he was coming after a long journey and we cannot make a full assessment out of that. But he seems to be very keen and very hardworking and same thing with Kalima. They are young players with a lot of enthusiasm but it’s too early to call it.

FM: Do you think you have enough time to implement the new approach before the AFCON?

MMM: Always you don’t have enough time. So, whatever time we have, I am sure they will understand and implement as much as possible what I want.


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