Chalira Retains Women Football Hot Seat


Chalira (on the left) sharing notes with Mwandira.

Severia Chalira has retained her position as the chairperson of the National Women Football Association after going unopposed during the elections held at the Mphatso Motel in Mzuzu on Saturday morning.
It was a dramatic election that saw with all the posts being filled unchallenged as some members withdrew their candidature moments before the votes were cast.
With Vice chairperson Cathy Chikandula, General Secretary Lina Mtegha and her vice Clara Phiri all assured of their posts with no challenge, the election’s focus of attention was the battle for the posts of treasurer between incumbent Winnie Nyondo and Dyna Kadzaekha.
But Kadzaekha surprised the congress when she withdraw from the race as ballots were about to be circulated.
“Me and Winne come from the same region and there is no need for us to compete for this post so I withdraw and let Winnie retain her post,” she said.
The drama continued during the voting for committee members as Shambashe Kadzamira also withdrew leaving the two other candidates Zombie Namasani and Clara Luhanga go unopposed.
Chalira said she is ready for the challenge for a second four year term which gives her a place in the FAM Executive Committee from 2015 to 2019. This follows the amendment of the FAM statutes that makes the chairperson of the NWFC an automatic member of the FAM Executive Committee, whose main elections are in December this year.
“We have a lot of unfinished business in developing the women game in the country. We appreciate the confidence shown is us and we don’t take it for granted that we have gone unopposed. We will work hard to achieve the objectives of the association.
“We thank FAM for the support and hope our relationship will continue to grow in the next four years,” said Chalira.
FAM executive committee members Flora Mwandira and Othania Hara were returning officers for the elections.
“FAM will continue giving full support to Women Football Association and its programs,” said Mwandira.


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