MA’s Heads nod to FAM 2021 Budget

FAM Member Associations heads on Saturday gave their seal of approval to the FAM 2021 budget during a consultative meeting held in Salima.

The meeting was initially adjourned three weeks ago in Lilongwe after Member Associations advised FAM secretariat to provide other information on the previous year’s expenditure.

During the Salima meeting the Member Associations contributed to the budget which is expected to be approved by the Annual General Meeting in April.

Speaking on behalf of the Associations Northern Region Football Association chairperson Lameck Khonje said the budget is inclusive and has priotised important projects that will help football development in the country.

“The FAM secretariat came well prepared and we are satisfied with all the documentation they presented today. The expenditure report from last year shows that they did a good job in implementing the budget. So, we have made our comments and we now own the budget. After it has been updated it should be ready for the congress,” said Khonje.

FAM 2nd Vice President and Chairperson of the Finance and Admin Committee Othanier Hara described the exercise as fruitful.

“After the meeting was curtailed three weeks ago, we promised to provide the information they requested and today they were satisfied.  We are a listening association and this process is collective and this is why we rescheduled the meeting so that everyone one should be aligned and own this document,” said Hara.

FAM has from this year changed its financial year from July- June circle to the January- December one.


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