Media Release: Update on Nsanje Stadium Project

As we progress to the next phase of bidding for a contractor of Nsanje Stadium, FAM wishes to give a further update on the scale and scope of the project, which is being funded by FIFA.

From the outset, FAM wishes to reiterate that we adopted an inclusive approach to managing the project by forming a joint project team with the District Assembly of Nsanje. This has ensured that there is transparency and accountability in the management of the project.

We further reinforced stakeholder engagement by consulting with the local authorities in Nsanje that include traditional chiefs, councillors, and local football administrators to align expectations and interests.

Following such a collaborative and interactive approach, plans have been made to construct a new football pitch from scratch and to install solar power with an inbuilt irrigation system. In addition, the pitch will be secured with a wire perimeter fence.

We are also constructing a VIP box with covered stands and dressing rooms for the football teams as one of the main features of the stadium.

The wall will be renovated, plastered, and extended higher, and it will encompass a new main entrance with a fit for purpose gate.

The stadium will also have ablution blocks and gate ticketing entrances for convenience and ease access of fans.

We could have done more if the funding was substantial to include construction of open stands with a  seating capacity of 3,000 people.  It is worth noting that the estimated cost of a community stadium of such scale and scope is pegged at MK5 billion n. However, we will do the most to construct a modest low-cost stadium with limited resources that are at our disposal of MK0.5bn.

At the end of it all, we  would like to assure the public that the stadium will be face lifted, and it will have a new look and feel.

For further information please contact:

FAM Communications Department


Phone: 0999/888 436 391





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