Media release regional Football Associations elections

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) would like to advise its Regional Associations and all its stakeholders that it has addressed Malawi National Council of Sports’ (MNCS) concerns as communicated to FAM in a letter of 5th March 2021 in respect of FAM’s Regional Associations Upcoming Elections.

To this end, FAM, as a returning officer for the Regional Association Elections wishes to advise its Regional Associations to proceed with the Elective General Assemblies as previously scheduled.

FAM would like to highlight the obligation that it has as a FIFA Member Association to manage its affairs independently and ensure that its affairs are not influenced by any third party (art.14 (i) and 19 (1) of FIFA statutes). This obligation is mandatory on FAM such that any perception by FIFA as interference in FAM’s and its affiliates internal processes may have serious repercussions hence FAM maybe liable to sanctions by FIFA.

FAM, as a returning officer, is committed to ensure that the Regional Football Associations Elections are conducted in a free and fair manner.


For further information please contact:

FAM Communications Director


Phone: 0999/888 436391


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