Fifa in for FAM Org Review

Mudege ( left) and other Fifa Officials interact with FAM GS Suzgo Nyirenda( right)

A five man Fifa team is in the country to facilitate a week long session on organisation review for the Football Association of Malawi.
Led by Fifa Manager for Development Programmes Africa Solomon Mudege the team will meet FAM’s various key internal and external stakeholders.
Mudege said at the end of the week they should be able to define an action plan for FAM for the next four years.
“We hope to put in place an action plan that FAM will define on their own on how they want to run the game. It is good for
FAM now that they have a new executive and how they want to progress during their term of office,” said Mudege.
The team will meet FAM executive members, management team, affiliates,football clubs,coaches, the Media, Sponsors and Government.
Below if the full schedule of the meetings
Day 1 Monday 23.05.20
Meeting with GS of Malawi FA re MA and Secretariat structure, staffing and management processes
Meeting with Vice President(s) of Malawi FA
Meeting with Treasurer/Chairman Finance Committee of Malawi FA
Meeting with Technical Director, Head of Coaching/Coach Instructor, Head of Grassroots & Youth Development
Day 2 Tuesday 24.05.2016
Meeting with personnel responsible for Finances of Malawi FA
Meeting with Technical Director and Technical Staff re coach education programmes
Meeting with personnel responsible for IT and survey of equipment in Malawi FA
Meeting with Technical Director and Technical Staff on grassroots and youth development
Meeting with personnel responsible for media and communication of Malawi FA
Meeting with officials and staff involved in Women’s Football Women’s Football personnel
Day 3 Wednesday 25.05.2016
Attendance at training session of club, youth programme etc as available
Meeting with Competitions Dpt. Staff responsible for ‘other’ (non Premier league) competitions
Meeting with personnel responsible for marketing of Malawi FA
Meeting with officials and staff responsible for Futsal and beach football
Meeting with external media such as sports editors
Meeting with National Team Coaches
Meetings with individual sponsors (schedule to be adapted to MA’s situation)
Day 4 Thursday 26.05.2016
Meeting with Presidents & General Secretaries of 3 to 4 Provincial Football Associations.
Meeting with club officials – National league
Meetings with senior officials from Ministry of Sports, Education and Olympic Committee.
Day 5 Friday 27.05.2016
Internal FIFA meeting to develop findings
Review meeting with President to outline main findings and recommendations
Day 6 Saturday 28.05.2016
FIFA Presentation to Executive Committee (resolutions OBS/RECC)
LR Workshop – Presentation of Indications
MA to work on resolutions/strategic priorities/Actions, etc
Day 7 Sunday 29.05.2016
Presentation of Resolutions and Discussion


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