FDH Bank hikes Flames sponsorship to K1 billion

FDH Bank PLC has increased the Flames sponsorship to K 1 billion from K360 million

The bank’s Managing Director Noel Mkulichi announced a new four-year deal on Thursday morning at Mount Soche hotel in Blantyre

Mkulichi said the bank is motivated by the tremendous progress made by the Flames since the bank started sponsoring them in 2016.

“FDH Bank first partnered with Football Association of Malawi by sponsoring the National team in August 2016. In September 2021 we handed over K360 million sponsorship for the Flames. We have seen fruits of this investment with the national team’s performance at AFCON 2021 and the COSAFA tournament in South Africa this year where they qualified for the Semi-finals for the first time in 20 years which is unprecedented.

“It is in this vein that today we are happy to announce a further sponsorship of K1billion to be spread out in the next four years which translate to K250 Million per Calendar year.

“Our motivation for sponsoring The Flames is simple; we have seen tremendous progress by the team, and truly look believe they will accomplish more.

“We would like to extend our vote of thanks to Football Association Malawi leadership, Malawi Council of Sports, Ministry of Sports, and Government of Malawi for creating a conducive environment for growth of football in Malawi”, he said.

Reacting to the news, FAM President Walter Nyamilandu hailed FDH for the gesture saying the sponsorship has come at a right when the team is facing financial challenges to fulfil their assignments.

“Today Christmas has come early for the Flames, the fans and all of us at the Football Association of Malawi courtesy of FDH Bank. This is big and unprecedented in the history of football in Malawi. It is almost unbelievable to have a sponsor who can commit such a huge amount as MK1 billion towards the National team in these tough economic times.

“Since 2016 FDH Bank has walked with FAM and the Malawi national team, side by side. During good and bad times, FDH Bank has never looked the other side. You have not only remained consistent in your support, but you have steadily increased the sponsorship over the years.

“You decided to sponsor the Flames, in 2016 when the team was not doing well and many people had given up their hope on the Flames. That is the year FDH Bank took the step of faith and decided to walk the road with us.

“Today, when we look back, the story of the Flames has changed for the better. For the first time after so many years, the Flames qualified to the AFCON Qualifiers in Cameroon and managed to do well up to the round of 16. And even the recent stellar performance of the team at COSAFA and beating Liberia at their home ground would not be possible without the support from FDH Bank. You have lived by your Business mantra FDH Bank Our Bank, Our Future, Grow with Us. Indeed, the Flames have grown and will continue to grow with FDH Bank.

“The increase of annual sponsorship from MK120 million to MK250 million could not have come at a better time when the Malawi national team (the Flames) is in 2024 scheduled to participate in COSAFA Championship, AFCON 2025 Qualifiers and the ongoing 2026 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

“Because of the FDH Bank sponsorship we have been able to improve the welfare of the players by increasing bonuses, travel allowances and appearance fees. Over and above, this sponsorship goes a long way to help finance critical budget lines such as air tickets and accommodation as the Flames travel to undertake these international assignments. FAM is faced with huge responsibility to ensure that all the national teams are adequately funded. This year for example as of October 30, national teams’ total expenditure stands at MK1.5 billion out of which the government has given us MK275 million. To finance the deficit, we need more support from other partners and that is why we call upon other private sector players to emulate the gesture by FDH Bank, said Nyamilandu.







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