FDH Bank doubles Flames sponsorship

It doesn’t get sweeter than this!! Malawi National Football Team official sponsors FDH Bank have doubled the team’s sponsorship package from K60 Million to K120 Million per year.

FDH Bank Deputy Managing Director George Chitera made the announcement on Thursday morning as the bank renewed its partnership with the Flames for another three years up to 2024.

Chitera said they are happy to be part associated with the Flames who qualified for the 2021 AFCON finals.

“We know that even though we have the pandemic around us, our lives have to go on. And the Flames activities must go on. The Flames will need more resources to prepare for the Africa Cup of Nations finals as well as World Cup Qualifiers hence the increase of our sponsorship package.

“As FDH, we believe in growth and when we saw potential in the Flames, we decided to partner with FAM in 2016.

“And six years down the line, we are happy to be part of the success as the Flames qualified for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations finals. To celebrate with the team, we are pumping in K360 Million for the next three years.

“As a bank, we do not look at how much money we have to sponsor football but the impact the money will make to the game and Malawi in general as we want to grow together with the Nation,” he said.

FAM President Walter Nyamilandu hailed FDH for the gesture saying the Bank is demonstration that they a true friend of Malawi Football.

“Since 2016 FDH Bank has walked with FAM and the Malawi national team, side by side. During good and bad times, FDH Bank has never looked the other side.

“FDH Bank started supporting the national team in 2016 with K30 million Kwacha and this was the time the national team was not doing well. Many people had given up their hope on the Flames but FDH Bank took the step of faith and decided to walk the road with us.

“Three years down the road in 2018 they increased the sponsorship towards the national team to K60 million even though Flames results were not yet coming. Today, the Flames have achieved historic qualification to the AFCON Qualifiers in Cameroon and FDH Bank is justified to reap the results of their unwavering faith.

“The increase of annual sponsorship from MK60 million to MK120 million could not have come at a better time than now that the Malawi national team (the Flames) have qualified for AFCON and the money will go a long way to help finance critical budget lines to help the national team prepare well for the tournament,” said Nyamilandu.

Nyamilandu has since urged FAM affiliates and football fans to bank with FDH.

“FDH Bank deserves special place of recognition for the unwavering support to the game of football in Malawi and that is why we do not hide to declare that FDH Bank is the Official Bank of Football Association of Malawi.

“I want to assure you that because you have walked this road with us, Football will also walk with you all the way. Itherefore stronglyencourage all our football fans, affiliates and clubs to bank with FDH Bank because they have stood with us in our time of need.

“FDH Bank has proven to us that when we give them more business they are likely to increase football sponsorship for many more years to come and our football will continue to grow from strength to strength,” added Nyamilandu


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