FCB U 20 League is back

After a year-long break due to COVID-19, the First Capital Bank Under League 20 returns this weekend after FCB committed continued sponsorship of the League.

The bank announced that they will maintain the K35 million sponsorship on Thursday afternoon in Blantyre.

FCB Chief Executive Officer Jaco Viljoen said the bank believes that the Youth League is the foundation for future players.

“We believe in discovering the rich talent that Malawi has on and off the field. We believe in supporting and contributing to the development and dreams of young aspiring football players,” he said.

Nyamilandu and Vilijoen signing the contract

FAM president Walter Nyamilandu said the association is delighted with the bank’s commitment as the league will help to continue nurturing talent.

“While people thought that FCB is gone for good and will never come back to football, that never crossed our minds as we knew you were still with us and will always be with us.

“Today you have proved all those doubting Thomases wrong as you continue to build your legacy in Malawi football youth development,” said Nyamilandu.

Nyamilandu said the youth league has played a big role to develop players who have graduated to the Flames and were key in the team’s qualification to AFCON two months ago.

The FAM President added that the association will protect the integrity of the game and Bank by by making sure that the games are played under strict Covid-19 measures and that there is no violence at the match venues.

The League will be played in 16 districts and will attract 167 teams. It will start at District Leave, then Regional and national championship with the national winner receiving K1.5 million.

FCB have been sponsoring the Youth League since 2009.


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