FAM urges clubs to speed up on club licensing

FAM set to implement resolutions from the Club licencing seminar

The Football Association of Malawi  has urged Super League clubs to speed up on Club Licensing process.
In a Press Release issued by general secretary Suzgo Nyirenda, FAM states that on January 8 this year, it issued a warning for non-compliance on the roadmap set for the implementation of the Club Licensing System for the 2016 football season.
“The roadmap set has roadmap set under the 5 criteria of the Club Licensing namely: Sporting, Legal, Infrastructure, Administration and Personnel and Financial Criteria which have to be met before a club is licensed to participate in the 2016 Football Season,” reads part of the press release.
However, FAM has noted that according to the current status, all clubs are behind schedule in their submission of documents.
“FAM [therefore] further warns that failure to submit necessary documents will lead to following sanctions effective February 1 2016:
“Suspension from football related activities such as friendly matches, bonanzas, etc and suspension to take part in transfer of players.”
In that respect, FAM has urged all clubs to get in touch with its Club Licensing manager Casper Jangale to make arrangements on the submission of the necessary documents by end of January.
“Failure to submit the above stated documents as per deadlines set, will lead to sanctions, of which the most severe will be exemption from participating in the 2016 football season,” the statement further reads.


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