Carlsberg Cup draw on Tuesday

The draw for the Regional phase of the 2016 Calrsberg Cup will take place on Tuesday 7th June 2016 at the Mpira Village in Blantyre.
The 2016 Carlsberg Cup will be participated by the 16 Super League teams and 47 Premier Division and Division One teams from the three regional leagues namely SRFL, CRFL and NRFL. .
The competition will be played in two phases. All games will be played on knockout basis. There will be no extra time or replays and games will go straight to penalties in case of draws.
Phase One
This phase will involve 48 teams from the three Regional Leagues with each region registering teams as follows:
South: 30 teams-
Cobbe Barracks,Fomo,White Eagles,Chanco,BT Utd,Michiru Madrid,Polytechnic,Prson Utd,MDF Marine,Zomba Utd,Changalume Barracks,Chikwawa Utd,Bvumbwe Research,Nyambadwe Majuniors,B4fowad Rsv,Hardknockers,BT Vendors,Bontec,Chimbalanga FC,Mitra lcons, Nazikambe,Davis Utd,Nyasa Bullets Rsv,Mwanza, Boarder Utd,Chichiri Prison,Balaka Eagles,Ginnery Corner,Bnc Produsak . Matamando and Mangochi Police.
Two teams to be seeded and the rest 28 to go into a draw that will produce 14 winners. The 14 winners plus the two seeded teams will go into round 2 of 16 teams that will produce eight teams that will qualify for the national draw.
Central: 10 teams
Ocasor FC,Msundwe Utd,Kasungu Police, Support Battalion, Masters Security Services, Kamuzu Barracks Youth, Civo Youth, Warm Heart Bullets,Tiyuni Utd and Dedza young soccer.
All the 10 teams to go in a draw of round one matches that will produce five winners who will qualify for the national draw.
North: 7 teams
Kabwafu, Mzuzu Utd, Mchengautuba, Chitipa Utd, Zolozolo Utd, Jenda Utd and Mzuni reserve
One team will be seeded and the other six will go into a draw to produce three winners. The two winners to qualify directly for the national draw while the other two teams will be drawn to play in a play off that will determine the third team to qualify for the national finals.
Phase Two
The 16 teams from the regional leagues will then join the 16 Super league teams for the national draw which will take place on day 5th July 2016
Top eight teams from last season’s TNM Super league standings Big Bullets FC, Blue Eagles, Mafco, Mighty Be Forward Wanderers, Silver Strikers, Azam Tigers, Red Lions and Kamuzu Barracks will be the seeded teams.
The round of 32 matches are expected to be played between 20th and 28th July. The round of 16 matches are scheduled for 5-7 August and quarterfinals between 12th and 13th August. The semifinals will be played on 27th and 28th August and final on 10th September.


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