FAM rolls out UEFA Assist programmes

The Football Association of Malawi will from this week roll-out the UEFA Assist developmental programmes with the hosting of a Leadership Retreat.

FAM general secretary Alfred Gunda said apart from the Retreat, Malawi got a nod for two other projects namely the purchase of a Minivan under the infrastructure projects and Football for Women under the capacity building projects.

A delegation of four UEFA experts is expected to arrive in Malawi on Wednesday May 18, 2022, for a four-day Retreat Seminar.

The team comprising of Marie Clerc, Jonathan Ford, Par Lagerstrom and Ian Davis will meet various football stakeholders as well as the FAM Executive Committee for the programme which focuses on good governance, strategic planning and defining clear roles and responsibilities in order to deliver change.

Later in the year, the UEFA Assist programme will, under the Football for Women, provide comprehensive range of workshops to help implement effective governance structures to grow women’s football and increase participation.

“We are thankful to UEFA for the programmes. UEFA’s efforts to support the growth of football in Malawi is highly commendable. The three projects and others to follow in future will significantly influence the footballing landscape in Malawi.

“The leadership retreat is an important platform for us review our strategic direction after almost two years since the coming in of a new executive.

“The Minivan will help our technical team with reliable transport for grassroots and youth football programmes while the Football for Women project will enable us put structures to grow our women’s game,” said Gunda

UEFA’s head of international relations Eva Pasquier said: “ We are delighted to support FAM in their continuous efforts to develop football in Malawi and look forward to continuing our strong collaboration in the future.”

The UEFA Assist which was launched in 2017, aims to enhance football development and increase solidarity to tackle the needs of confederations and national associations outside of Europe.


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