FAM Challenge CAF A course participants

The coaches pose for group photograph

FAM has challenged the 27 participant of the CAF A Coaching Licence Course to prove that they deserve to be among the elite in Africa.
FAM General Secretary Suzgo Nyirenda made the remarks when he officially closed the 30 day course at the Chiwembe Technical Centre in Blantyre.
Nyirenda said the CAF A licence is the most elite badge for African coaches and the participants are among the privileged few on the continent to grace it.
“You have gained the knowledge. You now know. Now go and show them that you know. It doesn’t make sense to know and keep it to you.
“This is an elite course but that does not mean that you must only look for top level platform to coach. We have a lot of grassroots projects that lack qualified coaches. Embrace those unknown projects and produce results for us to appreciate your worthiness,” said Nyirenda.
He said FAM is delighted that it has managed to host the course with the same group it started with from the FAM preparatory course.
“You are part of the Family. We are now motivated to push for the CAF Pro-licence course in due course,” he said.
CAF senior Instructor Urban De Cock from South Africa, who was the examiner, said he was impressed with the enthusiasms of the coaches.
Speaking on behalf of the participants Benjamin Kumwenda said they are determined to set standards in the country.
“We want only CAF A and CAF B licences holders to be coaching in the country’s elite league while the rest should be coaching in the Regional Leagues. We should not allow students to be coaching fellow students,” said Kumwenda.
Malawi join a list of few African countries like South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania and Egypt who have also conducted similar course.


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